In 2013, eThekwini Municipality adopted the Economic Development and Job Creation Strategy for 2013-18. With the past strategy timeline coming to an end, we have started the process of developing the 2019-25 Economic Development strategy and envision completing this work in the coming months. However, the City wants to fundamentally change the way in which strategies are developed, through a new approach which is a “partnership for growth”. In essence, it seeks to co-create a strategy/growth path that is developed, signed, owned and implemented by a cross-section of key economic stakeholders. As part of the strategy development process, we will be holding a 3-day workshop-conference (called SHAPE DURBAN), from the 21st to 23rd November, which will be co- hosted by the city and various other key economic influencers and stakeholders as the platform to discuss strategic priorities and milestones for the 2019-25 accelerated and inclusive growth path.

This is a call to action, for key influencers and shapers in the eThekwini economy to work together towards creating a socio-economic compact that changes the growth path of the city. Partnering in this process means to work as a co-owner with the city and various other national and local organisations towards influencing the future direction of the city.


Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex,
45 Bram Fischer Rd
Durban, 4001


Wednesday to Friday
November 21 to 23, 2018

Towards an accelerated and inclusive growth path for EThekwini

(a) To get external stakeholders to give input into the City’s strategy,
(b) To develop a plan for the City’s growth and economic transformation,
(c) To clearly define the youth’s role in the growth of the City,
(d) To ensure Radical Economic Transformation plays a central role in eThekwini’s economic development,
(e) To get the City and its stakeholders to have strategies that are collaborative towards shared goals and exploit synergies,
(f) To create a sense of a shared future between eThekwini and all its stakeholders.

A Competitive City for Jobs and Growth

Workshop Content Approach

Competitive cities address firm-level performance as the core of job creation and growth. The workshop session themes and content will focus on enabling factors that lead to a rise in our firm-level performance:

(a) institutions and regulations,
(b) infrastructure and land,
(c) skills and innovation,
(d) enterprise support and finance, and
(e) industry performance and productivity.

There are also additional priority areas, youth and transformation.

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Durban's premier economic conference

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Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex,
45 Bram Fischer Rd
Durban, 4001

Conference Report

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